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Futures School (Tulevaisuuskoulu) initiates kids of various ages with futures thinking and futures literacy by taking them on a fun and fascinating journey to alternative futures. For teachers and other educators, Futures School offers training and tools for integrating futures approaches and methods to everyday educational work. Our services consists e.g. of organizing futures related classes, courses, camps, workshops and lectures as well as developing teaching methods and materials.


The world is changing at accelerating pace and the future is increasingly complex and uncertain. In these circumstances our decision-making should be increasingly based on the future rather on the past.  This, however, requires developing personal futures literacy.  Hence, the aim of Futures School is to provide all kids with the necessary futures skills required in navigating in the constantly changing future.


The methods used in Futures Schools are a combination of futures studies, inquiry-based learning and art education. By this, we want to underline and strengthen the creative and critical nature of futures thinking.

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